Mark Knopfler Shares His Retirement Plans

Mark Knopfler Shares His Retirement Plans | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Mark Knopfler live at London's Hurlingham Club on the 9th September 2009 - Mark Knopfler / Youtube

In a recent interview with Guitarist magazine, Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler opened up about his thoughts on retirement. The legendary guitarist, known for his unmistakable fingerpicking style and iconic hits like “Sultans of Swing,” has sparked curiosity among fans with his introspective remarks.

Knopfler’s comments come amidst a period of reflection. While the pandemic has brought challenges, it seems the downtime has also fueled his creative fire. The musician revealed he’s been surprisingly productive, writing more songs than usual during this period.

However, there’s a surprising twist – Knopfler also admitted to a decline in his guitar playing!

Mark Knopfler on Creativity and Shifting Gears

In the interview, Knopfler shed light on how his creative process is evolving. He acknowledges a change in priorities, stating, “The musician part of me is much reduced, I think, but the writer part is as strong as ever.”

The guitarist further explains his approach to composing: “If a song wants to be born, then I try to let it happen.” However, a hint of self-doubt emerges when he adds, “but I think the playing has deteriorated a little bit…”

This comment is further elaborated upon with a glimpse into his creative habits: “I’d be ready to sit down and look at a song on the computer, but I wouldn’t be playing enough.” This suggests that while songwriting remains a strong pull, the act of physically playing the guitar may not be as ingrained in his daily routine.

He Wanted More Time with the Guitar

Despite a perceived decline in his playing, Knopfler remains determined to improve. He acknowledges, “But that’s just something that seems to have happened recently, and I should really take steps to spend more time behind the instrument, to just get playing.”

Knopfler seems to downplay the notion of forgetting entirely, clarifying, “It’s not that I’ve forgotten how to play it – I’m just rusty.”

This implies a foundation of skill that can be rekindled with dedicated practice. It seems the legendary guitarist isn’t ready to hang up his instrument just yet.

Mark’s One Deep River Sails In

Knopfler is gearing up to release his tenth solo album, One Deep River, on April 12th.  Produced alongside longtime collaborator Guy Fletcher at British Grove Studios in London, the album is already generating excitement with three singles released: “Ahead of the Game”, “Watch Me Gone”, and most recently, “Two Pairs of Hands”.

In an email newsletter, Knopfler offered a poignant reflection on the album’s themes. He describes the act of “crossing the Tyne” (a river in England) as a recurring motif, representing the bittersweet passage of time and the enduring connection to one’s youth. “It’s what you were doing when you were leaving as a youngster,” he reflects, “and that feeling is always the same every time you do it.”

Knopfler’s influence extends beyond his own work. Recently, he enlisted guitar legends David Gilmour, Tony Iommi, Brian May, and Slash for a cover of his classic 1983 song “Going Home: Theme of the Local Hero”. Undoubtedly, One Deep River promises to be a noteworthy addition to Knopfler’s already impressive discography.