How Good Is Pink Floyd’s Vocals For ‘Comfortably Numb? – We Have An Answer

How Good Is Pink Floyd’s Vocals For ‘Comfortably Numb? – We Have An Answer | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Pink Floyd recording Brain Damage - HDPinkFloyd / Youtube

Pink Floyd remains iconic in the history of rock, but not for their vocal abilities. They can parade themselves as frontrunners of progressive rock, and their outside-the-box concept for their albums is well-applauded. But, compared to their contemporaries: The Who, Led Zeppelin, and the rest, their vocal contributions were nowhere near them.

Pink Floyd, on the other hand, has always had memorable vocal performances, even if they weren’t very vocally skilled. For example, it’s difficult not to get shivers when you listen to “Comfortably Numb” vocals on their own. 1980 saw the release of “Comfortably Numb” as a single, with “Hey You” serving as the B-side of the record. Guitarist David Gilmour was responsible for the composition of the music, while bassist Roger Waters was the one who wrote the words.

Waters maintains that the song is not about drugs or touching yourself, despite the widespread belief to the contrary. The lyrics describe how he felt like a little boy while he was sick with a fever and how miserable he was. As an adult, he would occasionally get that feeling again, and it would bring on a condition of delirium in which he would feel disconnected from the world around him.

“I remember having the flu or something, an infection with a temperature of 105 and being delirious,” Waters said in an interview with Mojo. “It wasn’t like the hands looked like balloons, but they looked way too big, frightening. A lot of people think those lines are about masturbation. God knows why.”

It is fascinating that “Comfortably Numb” is perhaps The Wall’s highlight that enables both superstars to shine for its blazing moment. You can go listen to the isolated vocal of Waters below, a simple experience that you would expect from Pink Floyd.