We Narrowed Down The Five Greatest Bruce Springsteen Performances Ever

We Narrowed Down The Five Greatest Bruce Springsteen Performances Ever | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Inside the concert halls, Bruce Springsteen’s epic sound springs to life. He has a long list of notable performances under his belt, many of which have had a lasting impact on today’s standards. “When I see young bands,” Springsteen explained. “I tell them, you’ve got to learn how to play live. It’s still important, and it’s an experience that cannot yet be simulated.” Below, we’ll take a look at The Boss’ 5 greatest performances in his career, cementing his mastery in live shows.


Home is New Jersey

At this point in 1984, Springsteen has been around all over the world touring and hyping the live audience. It’s easy for him to find a chance to compliment any country he’d dream of, but, being the true New Jersey boy that he is, still found comfort in the lands of his own country. The performance was one for the books, and the crowd was reminded of how down-to-earth the boss is after all this time.

A Special Veteran’s Night in Los Angeles

At the Memorial Sports Arena in LA, a lovely and emotional show was held, featuring a moving piece from Bob Muller, a crippled veteran. Springsteen also took the time to play Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Who’ll Stop the Rain,’ which was a very moving scene for the audience.

His Debut Performance at the UK stadium

In 1975, Bruce Springsteen made his first appearance on the British grounds right at the Hammersmith Odeon. After producing the epic album Born To Run, he was on a roll, and it was now time for him to make his way to the UK. Take a look at the performance below.

The Epic Berlin Wall Concert

Bruce Springsteen delivered a landmark show in East Berlin in front of 300,000 people in July 1988, and even hundreds of thousands more watched the show on TV. “I’m not here for any government, I’ve come to play rock ‘n’ roll for you in the hope that one day all the barriers will be torn down,” Springsteen told the crowd.

The Unforgettable Capitol Theater

Springsteen has a lot of remarkable performances in his career, but perhaps his most unforgettable one is credited to his show at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey back in 1978. To say he had grown out of the theater scene would be an understatement. There were claims of a divine event when Springsteen returned to his hometown for a three-night stint.