How David Bowie Influenced Music In Modern Times

How David Bowie Influenced Music In Modern Times | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The 21st century was certainly unforgiving to some of rock music’s most cherished personalities. Of course, no one could escape the grips of time and fans had to deal with the thought that the inevitable was coming for their favorite artists. One of the greatest losses of the music industry was David Bowie, who sadly passed away on January 10, 2016.

But what exactly has Bowie contributed to the modern landscape of music? First off, he always had an eye for innovation. One good example is his 24th studio release, The Next Day, which had an album art of a plain white sheet with the album title written on it. It was then plastered on his classic albums’ artworks. This process of defacement doesn’t necessarily mean Bowie abandoning his past, but rather pulling inspiration from it for his new creations.

Even the music was just as dynamic. It touched Bowie’s extensive catalog but only lightly, recanting some of his momentous masterpieces but never really basking in their established glory. Instead, the songs create something new from Bowie’s past experiences for that truly innovative process.

And then there’s Blackstar, his final album that was a foreshadowing of his own demise, as well as those of his contemporaries. It was a reflection of his life as a powerful figure in pop culture, chased by his past and haunted by his own demons. But Bowie didn’t run from these and instead embraced them to create a moving testament that will stand the test of time.