Guns n’ Roses Was Hilarious In This 90s Interview

Guns n’ Roses Was Hilarious In This 90s Interview | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via aussierocktours / YouTube

Dangerous, rowdy, and bad – these are the three words to describe Guns N’ Roses. But that didn’t mean that they were boring and deprived of the fun. This hilarious interview of GNR in an Australian program back in 1993 could prove that claim.

The interview recently showed up on the internet, displaying the skills of both Duff McKagan and Slash’s comedic chops. They were being interviewed by a satirical TV journalist, Garry McDonald, portrayed by actor Norman Gunston.

The press conference was held in Sydney, Australia when GNR embarked on a tour for the Use Your Illusion album. Slash can be heard saying “Oh, I’ve heard about you” at the beginning of the video, giving a hint to the viewers that the following questions would be comical.

“Why do you wear bananas on your head?” Gunston asks the two, and the audience laughed. “Sorry, uh — why do you wear bandanas on your head?”

“I don’t think either one of us have bandanas,” Slash replied. Then Gunston told him that “Mr. Hubcap” thus, incorrectly referring to Axl Rose. “I thought his name was Hubcap, sorry.” The interviewer said. Gunston kept asking the two uncomfortable questions that they can’t help but laugh at. “I just woke up man, I’m not ready for you!” Slash hilariously retorted on one of the questions.

You can watch it below.