What Happened When Pete Townshend Saw Pink Floyd Live

What Happened When Pete Townshend Saw Pink Floyd Live | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Pete Townshend - Beat-Club / Youtube

Sharp-tongued and witty, Pete Townshend is never hesitant to give his two cents when it comes to criticizing people; even his band The Who is no exception to this. He still knows a thing about compliments, though. And when Pink Floyd is the topic of conversation, that’s when he’s at his best spot.

It’s unusual for The Who and Pink Floyd, two bands at the ends of the music spectrum, to overlap with each other. But that’s the thing about music, it breaks anyone’s barriers. When Pete Townshend became in charge of inducting Pink Floyd at the UK Music Hall of Fame back in 2005, he was so full of deep appreciation towards the band. Recalling one of the moments of his life where he first saw the Syd Barrett-driven group, he was mystified and astonished with how well and unique the band’s sound was.

He also recalled a moment when he ditched a Who gig to go watch a Pink Floyd concert. Bringing Eric Clapton as his plus one, they went to be enamored with the band’s charm in their performances. “A Pink Floyd gig is the only reason that I ever missed a Who show, period,” Townshend said. “Apart from car crashes or serious illness. January the 20th, 1967 I skipped a Who gig in Morecambe to take the famous Eric Clapton to see this guy Syd Barrett play guitar with Pink Floyd.”

Imagine the power you’re carrying with you as you dazzled two of the greatest guitarists of all time when you played guitar. Townshend was impressed by the band’s attention to detail and cosmic visionary, something that inspired him to create music far better and greater like these prog-rock heroes.