Grand Funk Railroad Announces Dates For US Tour

Grand Funk Railroad Announces Dates For US Tour | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Grand Funk Railroad live in 1971 - T.J. Ash / Youtube

Grand Funk Railroad has recently announced the dates for its upcoming 2020 US Tour, whose name takes after the band’s 1974 classic tune, “Some Kind Of Wonderful”. This journey will commence at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island on the 8th of February.

Currently, the tour has 13 shows booked and lined up, leading to the 23rd of July show in Nashville. In a press release update, however, the band is to play 40 dates with their website listing schedules and venues that go on till October 23rd.

Grand Funk Railroad is celebrating their 51st year in the industry, with the current lineup comprised of founding members Mel Schacher on bass and Don Brewer on drums, while enlisting the help of ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, vocalist Max Carl (who is ex-.38 Special), and keys by Tim Cashion. This lineup has been the staple since the 2000s.

In a statement, Brewer said, “Grand Funk has always been about ‘music with feel. Songs and performances are uplifting and we prefer to have people in the audience smiling and on their feet. … I’m 71 years old and still playing in a band.”