Geddy Lee Reveals His 20 Favorite Rush Songs

Geddy Lee Reveals His 20 Favorite Rush Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Jeff Lee / YouTube

Geddy Lee is a well-known Canadian musician who earned a reputation for being one of the finest bassists and vocalists from his rock band Rush. Together with Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart, they became the holy trinity of alternative music that we know of today.

Looking for a replacement for former bassist and frontman Jeff Jones, Lee was asked by Lifeson if he wanted to fill in the duties for the two, an invitation he accepted immediately in 1968. But the release of their first album wouldn’t be until 1974. From that point onwards, they’ve released countless albums and singles that serve as a compilation of Rush’s untainted legacy in the world of rock. To put more things into perspective, they’ve next to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in terms of record sales by a rock band, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Now that’s something worthy to brag about!

With a career that spans 50 years, they’ve experimented with the different styles of music, making sure that they never would stick to what’s typical, and never afraid to explore more. Eventually, they’ve called it quits in 2018, giving Lee that much time to ponder on the long catalog of classics from Rush. But what about his favorites?

In an interview with The Guardian, Lee had contemplated on the legacy left from his group. Now that they’re no longer playing, Lee longs for the intensity of performances with his bandmates again. “I miss playing with Rush. I don’t miss traveling with Rush. I miss being on stage with those guys because it was a singular honor to me,” he said. He further added how a typical 3-hour performance from Rush challenges him to the maximum.

Below, are Geddy Lee’s top picks from his back catalog.


“Finding My Way” – Rush (1974)

“2112: Overture / The Temples Of Syrinx / Discovery” – 2112 (1976)

“Xanadu” – A Farewell to Kings (1977)

“La Villa Strangiato” – Hemispheres (1978)

“The Spirit Of Radio” – Permanent Waves (1980)

“Tom Sawyer” – Moving Pictures (1981)

“Subdivisions” – Signals (1982)

“Between The Wheels” – Grace Under Pressure (1984)

“The Big Money” – Power Windows (1985)

“Mission” – Hold Your Fire (1987)

“The Pass” – Presto (1989)

“Roll the Bones” – Roll the Bones (1991)

“Animate” – Counterparts (1993)

“Grace to Grace” – My Favorite Headache (2000)

“One Little Victory” – Vapor Trails (2002)

“YYZ” – Moving Pictures (1981)

“Far Cry” – Snakes & Arrows (2007)

“Headlong Flight” – Clockwork Angels (2012)

“The Garden” – Clockwork Angels (2012)

“What You’re Doing / Working Man – Medley / Live R40 Tour” – R40 Live (2015)