Fleetwood Mac’s “Dream” Blows Up Because Of TikTok Skateboarder Video

Fleetwood Mac’s “Dream” Blows Up Because Of TikTok Skateboarder Video | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Viral video of skateboarder singing to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" - 420doggface208 / TikTok

Fleetwood Mac once resurfaces to the mainstream – all thanks to the unknowing video clip of TikTok user and skateboarder 420doggface208 that went viral. The said video used the band’s 1977 hit “Dreams” as its background music, with the skateboarder singing along Stevie Nicks’ vocals while casually going down the highway and sipping on Cran-Raspberry juice.

This also meant sales and streams of the song being boosted like crazy. In just three days – spanning Sept. 25 to 27 – “Dreams” hit 2.9 million on-demand US streams and 3000 in digital download sales, spiking to 88.7% and 374%, respectively, from their totals in the prior three-day period, according to data by Nielsen Music/MRC Data (via Billboard). “Dreams” also rose to no. 54 on Spotify’s US Daily Chart on Sept. 27.


TMZ has tracked down the viral skateboarder, whose real name is Nathan Apodaca of Idaho Falls. He is living in an RV with no running water but is able to park in front of his brother’s him. Thanks to the video, donations have been aplenty for him, generating more than $10,000 through Venmo, Paypal, and Cash App. Apodaca says he has been able to buy a new washer/dryer for his girlfriend, clothes for his daughter, and plans on giving his mother $5,000 cash.

He’s also excited to hear from Fleetwood Mac themselves, along with Ocean Spray, who makes his favorite juice he was sipping in the video.