Every John Lennon Album Ranked Worst to Best

Every John Lennon Album Ranked Worst to Best | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Lennon live in 1969 - BeatlesAndSolo / Youtube

Compare John Lennon’s albums to the other Beatles and you’d know that he’s had the most complicated ones to decipher.

Lennon’s solo albums tend to range of confessional emotion, with styles ranging from avant-garde expressionism to tranquility, political ramblings, weepy odes of family history devotion, and visceral yells of pain and grief.

Many artists of all genres, when asked what inspired them to become a musician, would say something to do with the Fab Four’s story when asked. This was widely considered a significant milestone in the history of pop culture and music.

Lennon was a gifted artist, but it didn’t blossom into greatness until he met his wife and soulmate, Yoko Ono. After a stint of affair (that lasted for 18 months), John came back to Ono, raised a family, and become a househusband. It wasn’t until Lennon and Yoko returned with Double Fantasy in the fall of 1980 that they made a full comeback. A few weeks after the album a was published, he was fatally shot in front of his New York apartment building.

John Lennon released 11 studio albums, 14 video albums, 15 compilation albums, and three live albums as a solo artist and with Ono. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at their rankings from worst to best, courtesy of Elliot Roberts’s YouTube channel. Take a look at the rankings by watching the full video below.