Duff McKagan & Shooter Jennings Team Up For Brand New Song “Tenderness”

Duff McKagan & Shooter Jennings Team Up For Brand New Song “Tenderness” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Image: © Scott Dudelson via loudersound.com

The Perfect Song To Kick Your Feet Up To!

Even though Guns N’ Roses have been busier than ever with their wildly successful ‘Not In This Lifetime’ world tour and possibly making a new record, bassist Duff McKagan has been busy as well making a new solo record of his own, and what’s even more exciting is that he’s enlisting some very talented individuals to help him do so, such as Shooter Jennings!

Just this morning, Duff  and Shooter released a brand new song titled “Tenderness”. The song is a laid back jam that will definitely help you breathe easy.

It was just a few days ago that Duff released this above teaser of the song and it sent fans into an absolute frenzy. Duff McKagan and Shooter Jennings are a pairing that you may have never thought possible, but once you hear this euphoric song, you’ll be convinced otherwise.

The song truly lives up to its name. From start to finish it’s a tender, laid back jam that is relaxing, but it also carries great healing. It’s definitely more of a country song than anything else and they both knock it out of the park.

Words can only do this amazing new song so much justice, it’s better just to hear for yourself.

If you’ve been having a stressful day, if you’ve got a lot on your mind like a lot of us always do, take a listen, breathe, and enjoy.