Drive-In Concerts Now Possible In The US

Drive-In Concerts Now Possible In The US | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Paramount Drive In Theatres, California - NBC News / Youtube

While the outlook for live music venues and events is certainly bleak – considering the alarming mortality rate in the US due to the coronavirus – an old movie-viewing tradition might be the solution for those itching to get their eardrums blasted with live music.

Ideas from Danish and German musicians using the drive-in method, this time for concerts, can now allow audiences to watch and listen from the safety of their own vehicles. Electronic musician Marc Rebillet followed suit and will be doing his own drive-in concert tour in the US.

Rebillet will be going on the seven-date drive-in endeavor this June, the concerts being held in North Carolina, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Since opening acts are a big no -for now – short films will be taking their places to fill in for the show’s runtime. Audience members are still able to purchase food, drinks, and merchandise from the said event. A fraction of the tour’s profits will be donated to the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund.

If this turns out to be successful, the drive-in concert format might just be the live music scene’s saving grace in this time of the “new normal”.

Marc Rebillet’s “Drive-In Concert Tour” 2020 Dates:
06/11 – Charlotte, NC
06/18 – Kansas City, KS
06/20 – Tulsa, OK
06/25 – Fort Worth, TX
06/26 – Fort Worth, TX
07/02 – Houston, TX
07/03 – Houston, TX