New Release | 50th Anniversary Reissue Of “Workingman’s Dead” By The Grateful Dead

New Release | 50th Anniversary Reissue Of “Workingman’s Dead” By The Grateful Dead | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Workingman's Dead album cover - Grateful Dead / Youtube

The Grateful Dead continues its 50th-anniversary reissue series with a deluxe edition of their fourth album, Workingman’s Dead. This three-disc will be released on July 10.

In addition to the album being a remastered version, Workingman’s Dead: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will also feature a complete show from the February 21, 1971 date – which took place at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, spread out over two discs. The band has also released a live version of “Casey Jones” from the aforementioned concert.

The original record was released on June 14, 1970, which marked one of the band’s peak years of psychedelic dabbling coming to a brief pause. Workingman’s Dead was a bare look back to Americana roots, which worked well as it became their first top 30 album.

Band archivist and the reissue producer, David Lemieux, shared, “The show we’ve selected gives a definitive overview of what the band were up to six months after the release of the album and shows the Dead sound that would largely define the next couple of years. From Workingman’s Dead through Europe ’72, the Dead’s sound was Americana, and the live show included here is a workingman’s band playing authentically honest music.”