Relive 5 Songs Popularized By The Soft Machine

Relive 5 Songs Popularized By The Soft Machine | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Soft Machine live in 1969 - atori zo / Youtube

Criminally slept-on but just as influential as their contemporaries, Soft Machine carried the progressive rock banner and did it justice. Most known for their knack of improvisation, jazz influences, and top-notch musicianship, Soft Machine dished out some of the most impressive progressive rock tracks – ones that deserved more acclaim than they ever had. Here are some of the pinnacle songs that celebrate the band’s career.

“Why Are We Sleeping” 

Poetry and rock come hand in hand in “Why Are We Sleeping”. Spoken word welcomes the listener as the song dives into psychedelic territory, while a constant organ drone provides an ethereal factor in the mix.

“Moon In June”

Soft Machine’s penchant for lucid musicality is showcased in the gem of a song, “Moon In June”. While guitars and organs sections are indulgent, its the jazzy percussion that really accentuates the whole progression to a tee.

“We Did It Again”

With the band’s love for improvisation, it’s a crime not to include “We Did It Again” in this list. The song just shapeshifts with every live performance of it.

“Love Makes Sweet Music”

One of their earlier materials, “Love Makes Sweet Music”, is just a great timepiece of a song. Representing the ’60s counterculture sound of psychedelia, the song transports the listener in its time machine of an arrangement.

“Out Bloody Rageous”

Great fluttering sax runs envelope a thumping, funk-infused bass line. It’s the temperance of songs like “Out Bloody Rageous” that makes Soft Machine such master songsmiths in their own right.