Discover The 50 Oldest People of The World

Discover The 50 Oldest People of The World | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Kane Tanaka - CGTN /YouTube

There’s no such thing as immortality, but there are instances in which normal people could enjoy life much longer than the average person’s own lifespan. These are the people who walked past many generations, even further that they experienced their own share of life in over a hundred years old.

In a YouTube video from the doppler channel, several old-aged people were featured together with their names, their nationality, their current age, (if they are still living), and their age of death. The list goes on showing people who are a hundred years old or more.

Whether or not the list is verified, no one knows. But several prominent people who have long been confirmed with old age backed with specific data were also included here, identifying the likes of Jeanne Calment, Sarah Knauss, Kane Tanaka, Chiyo Miyako, and many more.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation was the top 5 on the list, comprising of people who have unrealistic ages— specifically for the top one on the list who was deemed to have lived this Earth for more than a thousand years. No data or evidence could support this claim, for all we know he might be lying or telling the truth.

Watch the video here.