Discover 4 Expensive Rock Memorabilia And Their True Cost

Discover 4 Expensive Rock Memorabilia And Their True Cost | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Jimi Hendrix Experience live at the Atlanta Pop Festival - Jimi Hendrix / Youtube

For many years, rock memorabilia have become a symbolic part of our pop culture. Being a major fan of a specific band or musician, it’s always inevitable to find ways which you can support or show your admiration to them, even if it costs you an ample amount of dime from your pockets. But who cares? As long as it’s for the love of rock, we’ll do what it takes to get what you want. Below, we’ll introduce to you some of rock’s most prized memorabilia and its hefty cost.


Mosrite guitar – Johnny Ramone

Price: $500,000 (more likely)

Johnny Ramone’s beloved 1965 Mosrite Ventures II electric guitar, personally used and owned by the forefather of punk is now up for auction. Johnny Ramone, whose real name is John Cummings, frequently used this guitar for every Ramones studio session and concert from 1977-1996. Bidding will end on September 25, which rumors circulating that the guitar will more likely go up to half a million dollars.

Electric “Judas” Guitar – Bob Dylan

Prize: $965,000

One of the greatest singer-songwriters of our time, Bob Dylan changed the kaleidoscope of music for people to listen to. It’s a context understood that every Dylan possession you can look for will always come with a price. Take a look at the musician’s “Judas” guitar, used during his performance at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival: When the musician left the respected stat behind during flight, pilot Victor Quinto kept it and called Dylan’s team for the mix-up. Years later, no follow-up came by, until it was rediscovered once again when the Quinto relatives visited the TV show History Detectives. The expert who examined the guitar concluded that it’s indeed the same guitar that the troubadour used. It was auctioned and sold for a hefty price of $965,000.

Woodstock Stat – Jimi Hendrix

Price: $2,000,000

Jimi Hendrix became the name symbolic to the iconic Woodstock Festival. And what better way to honor his greatness, than to buy the iconic 1968 Fender Strat he used during the whole duration of the concert? Paul Allen brought it for $2 million and placed it at the Experience Music Project inside Hendrix’s hometown.

Steinway Piano – John Lennon

Price: $2,100,000

The Steinway piano used by John Lennon during his MV of his legendary “Imagine” song will forever remain iconic inside the annals of music history. To possess something this impactful to pop culture meant that there’s magnificent bucks to spend. George Michael of Wham! brought it and had used the keys to many of his concerts.