David Gilmour Is Making A New Project Using Artifical Intelligence

David Gilmour Is Making A New Project Using Artifical Intelligence | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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David Gilmour, legendary guitarist of Pink Floyd, and electronic duo The Orb have embarked on a groundbreaking artistic venture, merging music and artificial intelligence in their latest project, ‘Metallic Spheres In Colour.’ The collaboration invites fans to explore the tracks in an entirely new way through AI-driven tools provided by Vermillio.

The bands introduced the project on Instagram, encouraging fans to:

“Harness the power of AI. Reinterpret tracks from our new album using AI-driven tools.”

The initiative, which involves fans in the creative process, is not just limited to reimagining the music but extends to the generation of artwork that could be featured in the upcoming music video.

Vermillio’s AI-based remixing tools offer fans the opportunity to craft album artwork by expressing their feelings about the reworked music from The Orb and Gilmour’s original 2010 album, ‘Metallic Spheres.’ The AI technology goes further, generating personalized versions of the tracks based on factors such as the album cover, mood, and tempo.

The concept of the AI-infused project was initially teased by The Orb and Gilmour in an Instagram post alongside Pink Floyd back in August.


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The release of ‘Metallic Spheres In Colour’ on September 29 marked the culmination of their collaboration, where AI played a pivotal role in re-recording and remixing the original tracks from 2010.

Album producer Martin ‘Youth’ Glover shed light on the evolution of the project, emphasizing:

“The idea for ‘Metallic Spheres In Colour’ was that Alex Paterson could have done more on the first version, and he didn’t really have the opportunity because we had a philosophy of making the music like the ‘Blade Runner’ soundtrack meets ‘Wish You Were Here.’ So, I asked him why don’t we remix it and make it like an Orb classic? And in doing that, it’s almost like a completely different album.”

This innovative approach allowed Alex Paterson, founder of The Orb, to play a more significant role in shaping the new version. The result is a fusion of classic Orb elements with the distinctive soundscapes envisioned by Gilmour, reminiscent of the iconic ‘Blade Runner’ soundtrack meeting the timeless ‘Wish You Were Here.’

The official video for ‘Metallic Spheres In Colour: Movement 1 – Excerpt’ provided a glimpse into the visual dimension of the project, showcasing the creative collaboration between the musicians and AI. Produced by Kavi Karnapura das, the video sets the tone for a unique musical journey that blends the rich history of Pink Floyd with the avant-garde spirit of The Orb, guided by the possibilities unlocked through artificial intelligence.