Why Daryl Hall Issued Restraining Order Against John Oates

Why Daryl Hall Issued Restraining Order Against John Oates | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a surprising turn of events, Daryl Hall recently filed a lawsuit against his longtime musical partner, John Oates, accompanied by a temporary restraining order. The details surrounding this legal dispute were shrouded in mystery until a Tennessee judge partially unsealed the case on November 22, shedding light on the reasons behind Hall’s legal action.

According to the Associated Press, Hall’s lawsuit aims to prevent Oates from selling his share in their joint venture to Primary Wave Music

With Hall claiming that such a sale would breach the terms of their established business agreement. The legal filings indicate that Oates and his team engaged in a letter of intent with Primary Wave Music for the sale, allegedly violating a confidentiality provision by disclosing sensitive details of Hall & Oates’ business arrangement with Primary Wave.

“Thus,” the suit states, “the entire Unauthorized Transaction is the product of an indisputable breach of contract.”


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While additional specifics about the sale remain undisclosed, the judge has temporarily halted the transaction during the ongoing legal proceedings.

The nature of what is at stake in this sale remains unclear, but it’s worth noting that Primary Wave has already possessed a “significant” portion of Hall & Oates’ catalog for over a decade.

Daryl Hall has previously expressed regrets regarding the ownership of his music publishing rights. In 2021, he shared ,

“In the early days, it got sold off for me and I didn’t get the money. Never sell your publishing – maybe if you’re, you know, 80 years old and you decided to retire, then you can sell your publishing, but I wouldn’t even suggest it then. I don’t believe in that concept. It’s all you have is that.”

As the legal saga unfolds, a court hearing is scheduled for November 30, where more details about the dispute may come to light. The legal battle between Hall and Oates underscores the complexities of longstanding partnerships and the challenges that can arise when business agreements are in question.