5 Rock Legends That Have Supermodel Daughters

5 Rock Legends That Have Supermodel Daughters | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Apart from the electrifying guitars and captivating stage shows, certain rock legends boast an additional source of fame – their supermodel daughters. These young ladies, adorning the covers of esteemed fashion magazines and confidently striding down the catwalks of renowned brands, effortlessly bridge the realms of music and fashion. Now, let’s delve into the lives of five rock icons who proudly double as parents to accomplished model daughters.

These rockstars’ daughters have not only inherited their parents’ talent but have also carved their own paths, leaving an indelible mark on both the music and fashion industries.

5. Eliot Sumner – Sting

Sting’s daughter, Eliot Sumner, known as ‘Coco,’ stepped into the modeling scene at just 17. Coco became the face of Burberry’s 2008 campaign, showcasing her early prowess in the fashion world. Transitioning into music, she shared in a 2016 interview:

 “My father’s music will always be the thing I look up to the most since I grew up with it. I always try and do my own thing, but there’ll always be a bit of him in it.”

Coco, now a band leader and DJ, acknowledges the lasting influence of her father’s musical legacy.

4. Lily Collins – Phil Collins

Lily Collins, daughter of Phil Collins, emerged as an actress and model in the late 2000s. Known for her roles in films like ‘Abduction’ and ‘Mirror Mirror,’ Lily discussed her career choices in a 2022 Vogue France interview:

“I love to sing. But as I wanted to make my own way, far from the paternal genius, I preferred to be an actress.”

Lily, despite her reservations about singing, has become a highly respected actress, paving her own path in the entertainment industry.

3. Sophie Simmons – Gene Simmons

Sophie Simmons, daughter of Gene Simmons, embarked on a multifaceted career as a singer, TV personality, and model advocating for body positivity. Sharing her experiences in the modeling industry, Sophie explained:

 “When I was 14 and just trying modeling, they would flat out tell you, ‘You’re not small enough…’ I just love that Adore Me is hiring [curvy models] because it’s setting an example for the next generation of girls.”

Sophie has since launched her own body-positive clothing line and has become a positive force in challenging industry norms.

2. Liv Tyler – Steven Tyler


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Liv Tyler, daughter of Steven Tyler, started her modeling career at 14 before transitioning to acting. Best known for her role as Arwen in ‘Lord of the Rings,’ Liv shared a unique revelation about her father:

 “My mother was very young when she had me, and there was a little bit of confusion about where I came from… And I saw her standing at the side of a stage at a concert, and it was literally like looking at my twin.”

Liv discovered her rock star lineage during an Aerosmith concert, marking a memorable realization.

1. Georgia May Jagger – Mick Jagger


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Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall’s daughter, Georgia May Jagger, carved a successful modeling career, featuring in campaigns for Rimmel London, Versace, and Chanel. Despite her high-profile background, Georgia values a private life, sharing in a recent interview:

“I have always just wanted to keep my life as normal as possible… I always try to make sure I have a lot of personal time which is nothing to do with this world. I think that really helps to keep my life balanced.”

Following in her mother’s modeling footsteps, Georgia has achieved success while maintaining a down-to-earth approach to life.