Dave Grohl Gives His Own Spin On Billy Joel’s “Big Shot”

Dave Grohl Gives His Own Spin On Billy Joel’s “Big Shot” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Foo Fighters / Youtube

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and producer Greg Kurstin kicked off the 6th night of Hannukah with a fantastic rendition to Billy Joel’s “Big Shot.”

The duo wrote a message accompanying the video. “While he claims a secular Long Island upbringing (and has songs full of Catholic and Italian imagery), Billy Joel remains one of the great Jews of musical scripture — here’s his ultimate ode to a true Macher: ‘Big Shot.’”

Grohl managed to score well the drum and vocal parts, while his partner Kurstin played some harmonies on the piano, as well as delivering fantastic sounds from a xylophone. “Big Shot” is Joel’s hit single from his album, 52nd Street.

The “Hannukah Sessions” is the duo’s way of commemorating every Jewish artist along with a performance of their chosen song. The project stems back to 2020, with artists such as Bob Dylan, Rapper Drake, the Velvet Underground, Beastie Boys, and many more are featured. As of this moment, Grohl and Kurstin have performed the songs of Lisa Loeb, the Ramones, Barry Manilow, Van Halen, and Amy Winehouse. You can check their fanciful performance down below.