Dave Evans Comments On Getting Back With AC/DC

Dave Evans Comments On Getting Back With AC/DC | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Dave Evans via Wikimedia Commons

Back in 2016, AC/DC faced a crossroads. Brian Johnson, the powerhouse vocalist who had belted out classics like “Thunderstruck” and “Back in Black”, was forced to step away from touring due to hearing issues.

This left a gaping hole at the band’s center, and the rumor mill went into overdrive with potential replacements. One name, thrown out with a mix of surprise and curiosity, was Dave Evans. AC/DC diehards might remember Evans as the band’s very first frontman, a pre-Bon Scott figure who fronted the group for a short period in the early 70s.

However, as it turns out, any whispers of a triumphant return for Evans were nothing more than that – whispers. In a recent interview, the former vocalist addressed the speculation head-on, offering a characteristically no-nonsense response that left no room for doubt.

Dave Evans Calls Return Rumors “Bullshit”

The idea of Evans returning after all these years sparked a firestorm of rumors. But in a recent interview with journalist José Luis Mata Sanchez, Evans himself extinguished those flames with a blunt Aussie response worthy of an AC/DC anthem.

Sanchez posted the interview on his YouTube channel, where Evans wasted no words in shutting down the speculation. His message was clear and concise: “We call that in Australia bullshit. Okay. Bullshit.”

Evans went on to explain his perspective. He wasn’t interested in a return, focusing instead on his own music career. “It was just somebody just trying to get a headline,” he said, dispelling the rumors. 

“No, of course not. I was doing my own thing. I wouldn’t be going back there to do that.”  His statement leaves no room for doubt – a true rocker doesn’t chase faded glory, he keeps on making his own music.

Why Axl Rose? Dave Explains

Evans also sheds light on why Axl Rose filled Brian Johnson’s shoes for AC/DC’s tour.  According to Evans, it all came down to friendship. He explains that Angus Young and Axl Rose were already close, and Angus simply asked Axl for a favor.

“Axl Rose was a friend of Angus; they were friends,” Evans says. “And he just asked Axl if he could fill in – that’s all – as a friend, and Axl said, ‘Yeah, cool.’ And that’s why he did it.”

Evans emphasizes that Axl was just a temporary replacement to keep the tour going. “He just filled in while Brian was not in the band,” he clarifies. “The fans were reading a lot out of it: ‘Axl has joined the band,’ blah, blah, blah, all this bullsh*t that was going on.”

Evans concludes by reiterating his own lack of interest in rejoining AC/DC, even if they asked.  He’s focused on his own music, performing both his original songs and some by the late Bon Scott. This explanation puts the situation with Axl Rose in context and confirms Evans’ stance on a potential AC/DC comeback.

Evans on The Best AC/DC Lead Singer

Evans was then asked a question any AC/DC fan would love to hear the answer to: who’s the best singer for the band? His response was equal parts cheeky and insightful. With a confident wink, he declared, “Well, first, Dave Evans is the best, of course. That’s me, okay?”

Evans quickly pivoted, acknowledging the subjectivity of such a question. He pointed out that he, Bon Scott, and Brian Johnson all brought distinct styles and personalities to the role. In his view, comparing them wouldn’t be fair – each singer left their unique mark on AC/DC’s sound.

Finally, Evans shed light on his own departure from the band in 1974. He dispelled any rumors of dramatic fallouts, assuring fans it was simply a financial decision. “It wasn’t because of a big fight or anything,” he clarified.

“I just wasn’t getting paid and had bills to pay, like anyone else.” This down-to-earth explanation adds context to his early exit, separating fact from rock and roll legend. Watch his interview below: