Sharon Osbourne Offended By Amanda Holden’s Comments About Her

Sharon Osbourne Offended By Amanda Holden’s Comments About Her | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Sharon Osbourne - Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

A fiery feud has erupted between Britain’s Got Talent judges Sharon Osbourne and Amanda Holden. The drama ignited after Holden publicly slammed Osbourne’s comments about their co-star Simon Cowell, labeling them “bitter and pathetic.”

Undeterred, the wife of the Prince of Darkness bared her fangs and took to social media to launch a fierce counterattack. In a series of lengthy posts, she aimed to rectify what she perceived as “factually incorrect” statements made about her.

“I respect the fact that you feel the need to defend your good friend and employer, Simon Cowell, who is also your husband’s employer, or so I’ve read. However, a couple of your statements regarding myself are factually incorrect,” Sharon wrote.

Sharon Osbourne Fires Back with a Mic-Drop Dissertation

Sharon didn’t hold back in her response to Amanda Holden’s comments. In a lengthy X post, she directly addressed Holden’s perceived lack of knowledge about her accomplishments. Osbourne listed her extensive experience in the music industry, highlighting the artists she’s worked with and the shows she’s produced. Not stopping there, she pointed out her global recognition as a celebrity.

To further emphasize her point, Osbourne dropped a major name: her husband, Ozzy Osbourne. She detailed his impressive music career, including his record sales, Grammy Awards, and induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 

Sharon capped it off by reminding Holden that their long-lasting marriage and successful life predate any connection to Simon Cowell.

Amanda Holden Spoke Out to Defend Simon Cowell

Tensions rose between the Britain’s Got Talent judges after Sharon and fellow TV personality Louis Walsh appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. There, they made some critical remarks about their fellow judge, Simon Cowell.

Holden, loyal to Cowell, lashed out in his defense. She expressed her disapproval of the way Osbourne and Walsh spoke about him on a reality show.

Holden emphasized Cowell’s role in propelling their careers. She credited him with giving them opportunities and a comfortable lifestyle they might not have otherwise achieved. Not mincing words, Holden went on to describe their comments as “bitter and pathetic.”

She even resorted to a fairytale analogy, comparing them to the envious stepsisters undermining Cinderella.  Holden’s fiery defense made it clear she wouldn’t tolerate negativity directed at Cowell.