A&R Executive Shares How Johnny Depp Is A Terrible Guitarist

A&R Executive Shares How Johnny Depp Is A Terrible Guitarist | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Tom Zutaut on X5 Podcast via YouTube @x5podcast

Ever wondered if Johnny Depp’s musical talents match his legendary acting skills? A recent revelation by a music industry heavyweight might surprise you.

Tom Zutaut, a renowned A&R executive who has a knack for spotting future stars, has some interesting insights into Depp’s musical abilities. Zutaut, the man who helped bring iconic rock bands like Guns N’ Roses to the mainstream, recently shared a surprising anecdote about Depp on the X5 Podcast.

This insider’s perspective sheds light on a lesser-known side of the iconic actor, suggesting that his charisma might be more powerful than his guitar prowess.

“Johnny Depp was the worst guitarist I’d ever seen…”

Zutaut shared a surprising anecdote about Depp’s musical past on said podcast episode. The renowned talent rep related a story from Depp’s pre-fame days.

“I thought that Johnny Depp wasn’t going to be a rock star…” Zutaut admitted. He then launched into a funny story about a band audition. And the future Hollywood giant even auditioned twice.

I go to a rehearsal, the manager’s a friend of mine, and he goes, ‘I got this band from Jacksonville, they’re great.’ I go see ’em, and they were terrible. Johnny Depp was the worst guitarist I’d ever seen,” Zutaut continued with a chuckle, “but his charisma was insane, you know?”

Johnny Depp’s Unexpected Path to Stardom

Depp’s undeniable charisma, it seems, was destined for a different kind of spotlight. Zutaut, recognizing the raw potential that went beyond musical ability, offered some career guidance. 

“Afterwards, I look at his manager, and I said, ‘Listen, buddy, he can’t make it [as a musician],’ but you should get this kid an agent and put him in TV or on a movie; this kid’s a star. But the songs suck, and musicianship is terrible.'”

Zutaut’s advice proved to be prophetic. Depp’s undeniable charm and talent for acting would propel him to superstardom on the silver screen, leaving behind his rockstar dreams for a much brighter future in Hollywood.

But Johnny’s a “Great Guitar Player”, According to Alice Cooper 

While the music industry insider recently cast doubt on Depp’s early guitar skills, his current bandmates offer a different perspective. Depp, who’s been playing guitar since childhood, has been rocking out with the Hollywood Vampires alongside rock legends Alice Cooper and Joe Perry since 2012.

Alice Cooper, known for his theatrical stage presence and iconic shock rock sound, recently shared his experience jamming with Depp on QFM96’s Torg & Elliott Show. In contrast to the comments about Depp’s early struggles, Cooper enthusiastically defends his bandmate’s talent. 

“Johnny’s great,” Cooper says. “When he’s with us he’s not a movie star – he’s a guitar player. And he’s a great guitar player. You don’t go out with Jeff Beck unless you can play guitar, and he really is a player.” Cooper seems to suggest that Depp’s skills have grown considerably since his early auditions.

Watch Zutaut’s insightful interview below: