Dave Davies Confirms The Kinks’ Reunion

Dave Davies Confirms The Kinks’ Reunion | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Kinks - awesome777s / Youtube

Punk rockers The Kinks have remained steadfast with one thing throughout the years, and that is staying in its disbanded state amidst numerous requests of a reunion. This has been the product of years of internal conflict, especially between brothers Dave and Ray Davies. However, the streak seems to have been broken after last year’s rumors that the band was revving for a comeback, courtesy of Ray Davies. During an interview with BBC, Ray shared the trials they have been trying to overcome to get back together. “The trouble is, the two remaining members — my brother Dave and Mick — never got along very well. But I’ve made that work in the studio and it’s fired me up to make them play harder, and with fire,”Ray said.

Just recently, Dave Davies has just confirmed that the band is back in the studio, courtesy of an interview with Rolling Stone, saying, “This has really been going on for a couple of years. We keep going backwards and listening to a lot of old stuff. Some of that is very good, and some of it needs a bit of work.” More than reissuing their concept album Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire), the band is also rediscovering some archived materials and demos which will likely be released in the near future, as hinted by Dave regarding the plans of the band releasing a new record.

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