Classic Songs To Summarize The Career Of The Honeycombs

Classic Songs To Summarize The Career Of The Honeycombs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Honeycombs live in 1965 - teendude16 / Youtube

The Honeycombs were a beat-pop group off of North London, who had a brief four-year stint, but made a mark nonetheless. The group was known to have one of the few female drummers around, Honey Lantree, which broke stereotypes with her energy. Here are some of the best songs from the Honeycomb’s career.

“Have I The Right” 

The tinny guitar riff that’s accented by the constant cadence of this chart-topping hit is annexed by a catchy sing-along chorus that became an instant radio staple upon release.

“Color Slide” 

The simplistic arrangement features a circular lick that begins the verse, and swerves onto the adlib after each chorus. The whimsical quality of the track is enhanced by the trebleness of the vocals, which competes with the guitars quite noticeably.

“Please Don’t Pretend Again” 

“Please Don’t Pretend Again” has more leanings to the pop sound, with the chorus capturing the listener’s attention with its smooth progression, while the backing track underlays the vocals quite well.

“Leslie Ann”

A lighthearted arrangement has “Leslie Ann” trying to croon its way into the hearts of the listeners, with the same sharp, bare sound that the band used throughout their career.

“Can’t Get Through To You”

The frantic mood set by the pace of “I Can’t Get Through To You” is more than what you could ask for, especially after following the mellower tracks mentioned above.