Chicago Guitarist Keith Howland Announce Retirement

Chicago Guitarist Keith Howland Announce Retirement | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Vintage Guitar / Youtube

Keith Howland, Chicago’s long-standing guitarist for nearly 27 years, has finally announced his retirement, noting the accident as something that changed his perspective.

In a statement posted by a private Facebook fan page of Howland, the guitarist subsequently explained the decision to “move to the next chapter” of his life.

“As you all know, I broke my arm just before we were supposed to go on stage in Louisville,” Howland wrote on the statement. “I have given serious thought in the last few weeks and honestly as to what my future might look like. I can’t play the guitar right now, and it’s probably going to be several months before I can get back to anything normal.”

He also added: “At this point, I have decided to move on to the next chapter in my life. I will no longer be performing with Chicago. You may see me pop up musically here and there, but we shall see how that comes to fruition.” The guitarist also thanked his band, Chicago, for the 27 years of experience being in the band and performing along with them.

The band’s management has yet to respond to Howland’s departure, although they have already confirmed the statement. It is also revealed that Chicago has hired Tony Obrohta, Rowland’s stand-in since his ill-fated injury on November 15. The band will likely move forward with Obrohta on board this time.