Celebrities Impersonating Mick Jagger

Celebrities Impersonating Mick Jagger | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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This Had Us Laughing Out Loud

Okay, that David Bowie impersonation is just everything! Even Tom Hanks couldn’t stop laughing. Has Mick Jagger seen all of these? We’re dying to know what his reaction would be! And well, it’s a bummer that we saw this just now because we would’ve dressed up as him last Halloween!

Also, while we’re not big fans of Harry Styles, he did nail the look and his impression is just spot on! If the rumors are true about him playing the role of Mick Jagger in a biopic, we’d definitely watch that especially given what we saw with his impressions.

And no spoilers here but Jamie Foxx had us in tears. We weren’t ready for that one, Jamie! You should’ve warned us! Lol.

And you know what, we’d love to see celebrities impersonate another legendary rock act – drum roll please – Steven Tyler! He’s a funny and cool guy and he can take jokes. We’d love to see those hilarious impressions too!