Bruce Springsteen’s Secret Album Formula

Bruce Springsteen’s Secret Album Formula | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bruce Springsteen - Warner Bros. Pictures /YouTube

Bruce Springsteen’s life as a musician didn’t happen overnight— he had to constantly evolve and survive under the circumstances that befall over him. But the moment he found the perfect formula to achieve success, he knew he’d become the master of his work.

If you come across his records, you might notice a pattern that can be duly noticed inside his albums. The formula in question, Springsteen refers to it as the “four corners”. Inside his mind, both sides of the record must have strong, upbeat opening tracks that talk about being brave in facing life. On the other hand, both sides must also contain the closing statement tracks as a reflective, emotional outro that sees life from a whole other perspective. Springsteen cordially aims to make his album feel like it’s coming out of something valiant, then evolves into something sentimental at the narrow end.

With his success and fame in the music industry, it’s best to assume that this was in fact, an effective approach to creating music. Different strokes for different folks, as long as the boss can maintain his creative craftsmanship, we’re here to witness and ponder his genius.