Allman Betts Band Covers “Midnight Rider” In CBS This Morning

Allman Betts Band Covers “Midnight Rider” In CBS This Morning | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Allman Betts Band - CBS This Morning / Youtube

Meet the Allman Betts band, comprised of the children of Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts. Devon Allman and Duane Betts covered their fathers’ classic “Midnight Rider” in a Saturday Sessions performance on CBS This Morning.

The group also features the son of Allman bassist Berry Oakley, Berry Duane Oakley. The Allman Betts Band performed at the stage of Solana Beach, which is California’s Belly Up venue, showcasing two new tracks from their soon to be released LP, Bless Your Heart – the single “Magnolia Road” and the newest addition, “Pale Horse Rider”.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Devon Allman said, “‘Pale Horse Rider’ was a really fun one to write. Duane had this almost vertigo-inducing descending melodic pattern that was so unique. Once I started the lyric about a man feeling so lost and isolated with the world out to get him, the story just kind of wrote itself. The Wild West seemed the perfect to setting to tell the tale.”

Bless Your Heart is the Allman Betts Band’s second album, following 2019’s Down To The River and will be released on August 28.