All The “Come Together” By The Beatles Cover

All The “Come Together” By The Beatles Cover | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Abbey Road album cover - OmegaSpartan / Youtube

From the iconic Abbey Road catalog of 1969, “Come Together” was primarily written by John Lennon in hopes of helping his friend Timothy Leary, who was running for a gubernatorial position, by writing him a campaign song. While things didn’t come out as expected, the track was borne out of Lennon’s writing sessions. The song is most known for its brooding bassline, and a breakdown heralded by the title as lyrics. Here are all of the covers of the track, done by other artists, and even the former Beatles themselves.

Ike and Tina Turner (1970)

The couple wanted in on the bandwagon as early as possible, releasing their version only a year and four months after the original was released. As a result, their rendition took to the 21st place on the R&B charts upon release.

Diana Ross (1970)

Prominent singer Diana Ross also did her own rendition of the Beatles classic, giving her second solo catalog the pop treatment by opening its side B with the track.

John Lennon (1972)

Lennon himself covered the song in his solo concerts, just like this performance from his One to One shows at the Madison Square Garden.

Kate Bush (1977)

Kate Bush headed the KT Bush band before going solo, doing original material and covers alike. “Come Together” was one of them.

Aerosmith (1978)

The bad boys from Boston saved the face of the flop movie Sgt. Peppers, with their own rendition of the track, reaching 23rd of the Billboard chart, even going as far as becoming a concert staple for the band.

Sarah Vaughan (1981)

Jazz singer Sarah Vaughan had the help of Toto on her album Songs Of The Beatles, allowing the completion of the long-delayed project.

Eurythmics (1987)

While their synth-sounding version wasn’t released since 2005, it was actually produced in 1987.

Michael Jackson (1988)

Even the King of Pop had to pay homage to the pioneers of the genre, and did so by including the track on the HIStory World Tour.

Soundgarden (1989)

Grunge icons Soundgarden infected the track with their own musical style, including it on the B-side of their album “Hands All Over”.

Axl Rose/Bruce Springsteen (1994)

John Lennon was inducted to the RR HoF was heralded by a collaboration of these two rockers, which also marked the last performance of Axl Rose for over six years.

Smokin’ Mojo Filters (1995)

Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller was joined by Paul McCartney in a supergroup effort for charity purposes in 1995.

George Martin/Robbie Williams/Bobby McFerrin (1998)

George Martin recalls his heyday with an ambitious Beatles project with the most unlikely guests.

Elton John (2000)

On his Madison Square Garden show in 2000, Elton John relived the John Lennon performance with his own rendition of the song.

Joe Cocker (2007)

Joe Cocker revisited his Beatles covers with his own version of the track, after his own take of “With A Little Help From My Friends” years back.

Arctic Monkeys (2012)

The band opened the 2012 summer Olympics in London with the Beatles classic, which then hit the 21st spot on UK charts after being released on Isles Of Wonder.

The Rolling Stones (2016)

The Stones performed the hit during their show on Desert Trip in 2016, with their own version being called as done by “some sort of unknown beat group.”

Gary Clark Jr. (2017)

Gary Clark Jr. recorded his own version of the song for the upcoming Justice League movie of 2017.