Album Review: “Into the Great Wide Open” By Tom Petty

Album Review: “Into the Great Wide Open” By Tom Petty | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers for Into The Great Wide Open's music video - tompetty / Youtube

Tom Petty once again reunited with his tried-and-tested backing band, The Heartbreakers, for his 8th studio album release in the form of Into The Great Wide Open. Following the success of Full Moon, this catalog showed how effective the teamwork between Petty and the Heartbreakers was.

“Learning To Fly” is a great album opener and perhaps one of the best cuts in the album, with excellent lyrics and vocal delivery by Petty. “Two Gunslingers” is a pacifist’s anthem thanks to Petty’s songwriting, while “Dark Of The Sun” is a really catchy track especially when the chorus kicks in.“King’s Highway” gives off an interstate cruising vibe, while “All Or Nothin'” puts the dial back to classic rock territory.

Apart from these main attractions, the album is also toned down with some filler tracks, but in a good way. Songs like “You and I Will Meet Again” and “Too Good To Be True” are gems in their own right, but “Makin’ Some Noise” is in a league of its own. The solo on “Out Of The Cold” is brilliant as well, thanks to Mike Campbells tasteful playing. The album closes with “Built To Last”, a poignant piece that ends the whole run on a good note.

While Full Moon might have been an indulgent record from start to finish, the follow up Into The Great Wide Open has its own charm with a watered-down quality. Definitely not meant to contend with the predecessor, but to complement it.