Relive The Collaborations David Bowie Did

Relive The Collaborations David Bowie Did | I Love Classic Rock Videos

David Bowie for China Girl - David Bowie / Youtube

David Bowie’s numerous persona changes weren’t the only thing that slipped in and out of his creative consciousness. The chameleon-like rocker also liked to mingle with fellow artists and bands, helping out either’s career or crafting something extraordinary out of the blue. Here are some of David Bowie’s most memorable team-ups in history.

Mott The Hoople

Fellow glam rockers Mott The Hoople were absolute specimens in the scene but never really caught on by 1972. Bowie – who was a long-time fan – offered to help the band with a song, first with “Suffragette City”, which they turned down, then “All The Young Dudes”. 

The Who

Mod icons The Who inspired the up-and-coming David Bowie as well, with his early songs like “Can’t Help Thinking About Me” and “You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving Me” showing apparent influences from the band. Pete Townshend eventually ended up playing guitars for Bowie’s 1980 single, “Because You’re Young”.

Peter Frampton

Frampton and Bowie were already good friends since the sixties, so when Frampton’s career hit a roadblock, Bowie didn’t hesitate to help him out. “The ’80s were a difficult period for me, until my dear friend David Bowie got me out on the road for the ‘Glass Spider’ tour and on his Never Let Me Down record and reintroduced me as a guitar player around the world. I can never thank him enough,” he shared in an interview with M Magazine.

John Lennon

Lennon and Bowie mingled at a party in 1974, where he told the Beatles member that he covered their song “Across The Universe” for his next album. He proceeded to invite Lennon to the studio to take a listen, where Lennon added an acoustic guitar part and backing vocals to the track. In the same session, the two musicians, with the help of guitarist Carlos Alomar, laid the foundation for “Fame”.


While the original plan was for Bowie to provide backing vocals for Queen’s upcoming album, it was scrapped. But it was far from a failed effort, as the two acts penned “Under Pressure” together, a classic hit that stood the test of time.