After Endless Speculation, Paul Stanley Finally Confirms What KISS Fans Already Knew

After Endless Speculation, Paul Stanley Finally Confirms What KISS Fans Already Knew | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

The Short Answer? No.

If you’re one of the many members of the KISS Army holding out for Ace Frehley’s return to the band then it’s likely that you’ve been keeping a weather eye on the band for the last little while now. Both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have teamed up with Ace fairly recently, offering some glimmer of hope that the music would bring them back together if even for a short time but after this week it’s safe to say that that glimmer of hope has been snuffed out in the wake of Paul’s confirmation of what we all kind of already knew: Ace isn’t coming back. 

Paul sat down with Loudwire to chat a bit about KISS and when asked if the “more friendly vibe” between he and Ace could possibly result in a reunion with KISS, Paul was quick to insist that while their friendship is doing well these days, life has simply taken KISS in a different direction – one that no longer includes Ace Frehley.

“I would like to be friends with Ace forever, and although there may have been times where things have been a bit rough or touchy, I prefer and would love to keep our friendship going based on all the great things we’ve done together,” confessed Paul.

“But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to reunite or remarry or whatever it is. You appreciate what you’ve done together, and sometimes you should realize that it was a certain point in your life and it was a certain time and it was right on many fronts, whereas it’s not the case now.”

Will you see these two collaborating on other stuff in the future? Sure. In fact, Paul says he’d be more than happy to contribute to a project of Ace’s in the future; it just won’t fall under the KISS umbrella, which may not necessarily be a bad thing in terms of these two being able to enjoy a friendship without the added pressure of working together within the confines of KISS looming overhead.