A New The Who Album In The Works Hinted By Pete Townshend

A New The Who Album In The Works Hinted By Pete Townshend | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Pete Townshend - Radio X / Youtube

The enigmatic guitarist of The Who, Pete Townshend, has teased the idea of a new album being prepped for a release after the pandemic lockdowns are lifted.

Townshend is currently cooped up in his home studio and says that he’s already established the foundations of the upcoming The Who album, which is slated for released after lockdown if their financial coffer allows. “There’s pages and pages of draft lyrics. If the moment comes, I’ll go in and start,” he said in an interview with The Mirror

Just last week, the band was forced to cancel their UK and Ireland 10-date commitment, which had been already postponed back in March of 2020 as COVID-19 restrictions still haven’t eased up. Townshend and Roger Daltrey have offered a joint statement addressing the decision.

“We are very sorry that we have to cancel our planned March 2021 UK and Ireland shows. Please excuse the delay but we wanted to wait as long as possible to see if we could indeed play them. However, as you can see the current situation makes this impossible. Thanks for all your wonderful support and we hope to see you in the future when conditions allow,” said the statement.

The band’s most recent record was released in 2019, titled Who, and was met with positive reviews, the two founding members saying that they finished it in the nick of time.