The 3 Most Trippy Songs From ‘Roger the Engineer’ By The Yardbirds

The 3 Most Trippy Songs From ‘Roger the Engineer’ By The Yardbirds | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Roger the Engineer album cover - Rarity Music Great Hits '60 / Youtube

The Yardbirds hit gold with 1900’s Roger The Engineer, being their only all-original catalog with quality material ahead of its time. It is notable that Jeff Beck’s contribution to the album shaped its overall sound, his blues playing becoming a centerpiece of Roger The Engineer’s sound. Here are some of the most prized psychedelic cuts from this gem of an album by the Yardbirds before they went their separate ways.

“Over Under Sideways Down”

While psychedelia wasn’t the easiest sound to adapt back in the day, “Over Under Sideways Down” catered to a more commercial audience with its catchy and hypnotic guitar riff, with a contrasting blues-inspired bass run. While the cadence was standard rock, the song’s fleeting personality certainly gives it a trippy feel.

“The Nazz Are Blue”

Once again, Jeff Beck proves his worth in the Yardbirds’ sound with “The Nazz Are Blue”, a heavily experimental record that makes proper use of his blues background, resulting in a simmering pot of psychedelia waiting to be consumed.

“Turn Into Earth”

If you’re ready to go on an acid trip, there’s no better soundtrack to accompany you than “Turn Into Earth”. The seemingly random erraticness of its progression is packed with a paced rhythm and outlandish effects that set its haunting mood.