9-Year-Old Blows Everyone Away With Awesome Cover Of “Crazy Train”

9-Year-Old Blows Everyone Away With Awesome Cover Of “Crazy Train” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

TheConcertMan / YouTube

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes And Ears When This Kid Hits The Stage!

Ozzy Osbourne’s hit “Crazy Train” is without a doubt one of the most iconic hard rock songs in history. With a riff as recognizable as the Eiffel Tower, it goes without saying that musicians from all walks of life have covered it. The main riff to “Crazy Train” is the ideal riff to show off to your friends when playing your guitar, and this 9-year-old kid does it on a whole different level!

What you’re about to watch is this young man take the stage and blow everyone away with his cover of “Crazy Train”. Notice how he plays the riff AND solo with absolute ease. His singing is even amazing! This kid and his band are the total package. This is the kind of performance that’ll make grown men shake in their boots if they had to follow this.

Most people would have to practice for YEARS to get to this level, but this fine young man makes it seem effortless. My question is, where is this kid’s multi-million dollar contract!?!