8 Overplayed Guitar Store Songs

8 Overplayed Guitar Store Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

For any guitar player, old and new, walking into the local guitar shop is like going back to being a kid held in awe by the vast shelves of toys in a toy store. Of course part of this careful (and exciting) selection process of your new gear is testing them out, whether you’re out to buy a new ax, pedals, or amp.

What better way to test these gear than by playing your favorite rockers? Surely you’d want to know how you would sound on it, right? But as soon as you make that chord shape and get ready to rustle the strings, a disembodied voice that only you can hear says: “Don’t.” What does it mean with that? You ignore this warning anyways and proceed to play your favorite riff or solo.

And then it hit you. The collective turn of heads with gazes directed at you burned through your barrier of confidence with ease. Some even shook their heads in disappointment while others furled their foreheads in confusion.

That’s exactly what you get when you attempt to play these overused guitar store songs.