7 Facts That Made Freddie Mercury A Legend

7 Facts That Made Freddie Mercury A Legend | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Freddie Mercury was known for his remarkable vocal range and as the charismatic frontman of the rock band Queen. He penned most of the classic hits of the group; paired with his electric and vitalizing onstage presence, the band is catapulted to mainstream stardom almost immediately. Below are the 7 facts that sealed Mercury’s fate as a real rock legend.


The Singer Dedicated an Album to One of His Cats

Mercury, being the biggest cat lover, owned several feline friends in his lifetime. His album “Mr. Bad Guy” was even dedicated to one of his cats and to “every cat lover in the entire universe,” the album’s liner notes stated.

Freddie and Darth Vader Crossover

Everyone was shocked when the singer climbed up on Darth Vader’s shoulders on a performance of “We Will Rock You” to promote Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Albeit a song quote from “Bicycle Race” says about Mercury disliking the movie, in real life, he pretty much adored it.

Freddie Mercury Remained Close to His Girlfriend Until His Death

Before coming out as a homosexual, Mercury was living with his girlfriend, Mary Austin, whom he’s been with since the start of his career. Upon knowing the singer’s sexuality, the two broke up, yet remained close friends for the rest of Mercury’s life. He even left most of his possession to her.

Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana’s Gay Bar Escapade

It was no secret that the Queen singer and Princess Diana were the closest of friends. Legend has it (although never officially confirmed) that the two even spent a night out on the streets and visited a famous gay bar. Afraid that the paparazzi would make a big fuss out of it, Mercury helped Diana dress up as a transvestite. The night earned them big laughs and unforgettable memories.

His Dedication to Music was Strong Until The End

Guitarist Brian May fondly remembers Freddie on his final days in the studio. “When he couldn’t get up, he used to lean on a table and drink a vodka, saying, ‘I’m going to sing until I bleed,” May said. Even in his final days, Mercury was never a quitter.

He had Piano as A Headboard

Afraid that inspiration would come and go without any documentation, Freddie decided to install a piano as his headboard to write down melodies he thought of in the night. It was rumored that “Bohemian Rhapsody” was formed in that way.

Freddie Had a Stable Relationship with His Family

Although fame deprived him of spending more time with his family, Freddie was actually close to both his parents, encouraging the young Freddie to pursue music the way he wanted it. Jer Bulsara, his mother, said in an interview that her son “tells a lot of jokes and could always connect with him.”