7 Facts All About Beer

7 Facts All About Beer | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Homemade beer by Pro Home Cooks / Youtube

When all of this is over – we’re talking about the coronavirus pandemic – you’ll find yourself in your favorite bar or beerhouse in town, that we’re sure of. Drinking with friends new and old, like nothing really ever happened, that’s the life we miss, right? But while you’re chugging a pint of your go-to ale, here is some trivia behind the great and majestic beverage that is beer, which you can fire off and amaze friends with.

Beer has the Oldest Recorded Recipe

You might think it was some kind of bread or food, but the oldest known recorded recipe is that of beer. It was discovered in Mesopotamia and is over 4,000 years old. Moreover, the pictograph for beer is one of the most common in ancient Cuneiform – the earliest language – which probably meant the Mesopotamians loved their brew.

Girl Power!

If you think beer was spearheaded by the largest portion of its consuming demographic, you’d be terribly wrong. Women were the first ones to come up with the process, specifically those with well-studied backgrounds in Babylonia.

Hot and Cold

While beer is consumed cold nowadays – some even going for the “Below Zero” gimmick – the 1600s did things differently. Experts advised taking in beer hot, even saying that it was a healthy alternative for meals when the going got tough.

Keep out of Sunlight!

Just like most perishable goods, beer is sensitive to sunlight. It is the main reason why they are bottled in amber-colored containers to keep the beer from breaking down faster due to exposure to light.

Milk Baths are so Yesterday

If you ever get the chance to tour the Czech Republic someday, try to hook yourself up with one of their beer baths. It is said to be a great skin therapy – on par or even better than milk!

 Beer-ter Trade

Beer was once used as a currency of sorts, especially for the pyramid builders of ancient Egypt. The workers were paid their dues via beer.

Taking it Seriously

What if you could get a degree majoring in this delightful drink? There are no what-ifs now as the Colorado State University offers Zythology, the study of beer and beer-making. Pursue your passion for the concoction by enrolling now!