7 Classics To Summarize The Career Of Kool & The Gang

7 Classics To Summarize The Career Of Kool & The Gang | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Kool & The Gang live in 1983 - Juan Classic / Youtube

Among one of the most prominent bands that can fit into a wide range of genres, Kool & The Gang were a cut above the rest. A bit of funk, soul, jazz, rock, turned into an infectious mix of these influences, Kool & The Gang never really compromised their quality just for the sake of exploring new territory. Here are some of the band’s essential tracks that are sure to give you a glimpse of their mark in the industry.

“Tonight” – In The Heart (1983)

The track has the band ramping up their inclusion of electric guitar parts for this funk classic, underlined by the upbeat bass progression for support. Considered as one of the band’s hidden gems, “Tonight” doesn’t stray too far from their original sound, but has that distinct quality that sets it apart from their older stuff as well.

“Misled” – Emergency (1984)

Another true-blue rocker from the band, “Misled” is just a hair’s breadth away from disaster, if not for their effort in making the music extra special. The new decade’s weak production practices trickled down into the band’s creative process, but it’s comforting that this riffing masterpiece wasn’t corrupted to the core.

“Joanna” – In The Heart (1983)

“Joanna” has the band going into more pop territory, featuring vocal harmonies that invoke soul with a more radio-friendly format. They didn’t forgo the brass sections of the arrangement, though, still emitting that funk style with a submissive delivery.

“Get Down On It” – Something Special (1981)

One of the timeless dance floor classics, the funky “Get Down On It” has impeccable instrumental phrasing, with each note just hitting the right timing and inciting your inner tempo machine to groove with it.

“Too Hot” – Ladies’ Night (1979)

The rhythm n’ blues influence in this classic tune is apparent with its rich and smoldering arrangement, lead and bass going hand in hand to bring out the details of the main vocals. The retelling of a melancholic lover’s tale has never been this potent before.

“Celebration” – Celebrate! (1980)

“Celebration” is one of those songs that you can instantly recognize just from a few seconds of the song rolling in, and who wouldn’t? This revelry-inspired tune has become a staple at almost every party and celebratory event since time immemorial.

“Steppin’ Out” – Something Special (1981)

The highly-infectious energy brought on by the brass parts of “Steppin’ Out” is only the beginning of a sonic treat, as the song is a gift that keeps on giving. Soaring high on falsettos is the main vocal, which is accented by the aching guitar parts that rely on a repeating riff that completes the entire experience.