The First 5 Linda Ronstadt Songs To Listen To

The First 5 Linda Ronstadt Songs To Listen To | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Linda Ronstadt performs Tumbling Dice - SirExxon / Youtube

Undisputedly one of the best voices in rock, if not popular music in general, Linda Ronstadt willed her thoughts into existence with her brilliant set of pipes. The singer has been known to cross genres that are far out of the comfort zones of other artists, which included opera and Latin music. More than her belting power, Ronstadt was also an unparalleled beauty, enthralling the crowds with her girlish features while she blasted out some of the most indulgent performances in history. With that, here are some essential songs from her to get you started on your Linda Ronstadt addiction.

“When Will I Be Loved” – Heart Like A Wheel (1975)

Linda Ronstadt’s rendition of this Everly Brothers classic has us all swooning with its sing-song quality, giving it a whimsical vibe even though the lyrics point out to something bleak. Her rich vocal quality does wonders to heal an ailing soul in this one.

“Tumbling Dice” – Simple Dreams (1978)

The original hit from the Stones was reinvented by Ronstadt with her own blend of hard-rockin’, as Mick Jagger himself handed down the song upon his suggestion of having her sing more rock material. It worked magnificently, with Ronstadt’s power never eclipsing the succulent progression of the song, and instead rides it with such trust and confidence.

“Desperado” – Don’t Cry Now (1973)

While the Eagle’s original version is the definitive choice for most of use, Ronstadt’s own gives it a placid, calming effect, showing her prowess not only in belting high notes, but going in more subtly as well. Her rendition has the listener in a state of acceptance, its melancholy showering like a gentle rain over the aridness of desperation.

“Blue Bayou” –  Simple Dreams (1977)

Ronstadt revives Roy Orbison’s masterpiece and weaves it into her own intricate mix of vocal dynamics, going in soft then reaching a surge as the chorus comes along. Her touch of artistry has the classic take in new life, becoming a rich arrangement full of Ronstadt’s soul.

“You’re No Good” – Heart Like A Wheel (1975)

Linda Ronstadt turns this Dee Dee Warwick classic into a scathing country-rock number, with the lead guitar just at the right amount of crunch to complement her almost-rabid vocal power. She shows off her sass with the confidence and snide charisma as the theme issues a send-off to a former flame.