6 Times Prince Just Didn’t Care

6 Times Prince Just Didn’t Care | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Prince - ithl123 /YouTube

Speak the truth, there will never be a singer as classy and as sassy as Prince. While it’s safe to say that we will always remember him for being a musical genius, yet let us also not forget his elegant demeanor of handling problems with subtle clap backs and iconic side-eyeing. Take a look at some moments in Prince’s career where he just didn’t care about being “fake”.

That one moment where he threw Kim Kardashian off the stage.

Back in 2011 at Prince’s Madison Square concert, a hysterical moment happened between Prince and Kim Kardashian when Prince invited her to dance on stage. The nerves got the best of her and she refused to dance, so Prince hilariously commented “get off the stage!”

Cover songs? Not the sincerest form of flattery for him.

If you must know, Prince takes offense on song covers. He is the biggest Prince fan you know, and as a fan, he makes sure that whoever tries to create a new version of his tracks, will face bigger consequences.

He didn’t bother to sing “We Are the World” with the other stars.

Back in the 1985 American Music Awards, Prince solidified his status as an icon and delivered one of the best performances in the history of music. But his most notable action in the ceremony was when he blatantly refused to sing “We Are the World” together with the singers and celebrities present. He didn’t tell the reason why, but a lot of rumors, like he didn’t want to contribute in the first place, or his ongoing rivalry with Michael Jackson circulated his denial to sing the track.

His major side-eye during the Grammys.

It’s not the only time when he did this, but the 2015 Grammys was the lovable one. While presenting the Album of the Year and dropping the sassiest side-eye there is, Prince commented, “Albums still matter… like books and black lives”.

He is not a “belieber”, and never will be.

In an interview at a US TV show The View, when Prince was asked about his thoughts on Justin Bieber, the singer refuted with “ Well, Different strokes for different folks, I make music.” The shade.

And his another subtle shade on the people who lip-sync.

From an old interview, Prince also made sure that his performances are always genuine, with no hint of artificiality. “It’s not Memorex, I go on stage and my microphone is on,” and serving us with that sassy look.