7 Classic Rock Songs That Can Make You Feel Like A Warrior

7 Classic Rock Songs That Can Make You Feel Like A Warrior | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Pat Benatar - Pat Benatar /YouTube

Sometimes, all we need in life is to be reminded of our perseverance and dedication to doing things. And where else would we get that solid fist-raising but through rock songs? They’re worthy to pump us back with energy to get up and go once again. Here’s a look at 7 classic rock songs that guarantee to make you face even the toughest battles in life.

“Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” by Fleetwood Mac

When Christine McVie divorced her husband, fellow bandmate John McVie, she was heavily inspired to write the aftermath of the settlement. She was merely thinking of getting to a place at the right time where she could only think of the problem as nothing but yesterday’s thing. The positive message emanates from the title itself.

“I’m Gonna Win” by Foreigner

The opening track for Foreigner’s 4 album shows a standard swing of rock, but it’s good enough to make you feel great nonetheless. The band paraded the song with such high intensity also paired with lyrics that are both penetrating and wholesome.

“Roll With It” by Steve Winwood

“Roll With It” was the song that cemented Steve Winwood in the US as a successful soloist in the 80s. Winwood, who had a lot to cope up from his struggles, wrote this song about overcoming problems and learning how to deal with life’s obstacles. It bodes well for him in the end.

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar

The sexually suggestive lyrics might imply something, but Eddie Shwartz (who wrote the song) stood firm that the lyrics speak about confidence to handle any problems that might come forward. And nobody sang it better than Pat Benatar for her female fans to enjoy.

“I’m Still Standing” by Elton John

The uptempo beat might be tempting, but it’s the powerful lyrics that make the song all better. Bernie Taupin wrote this like “a kiss-off to an ex-girlfriend”, but because the song was released after John’s painful break-up, many suggested it was the singer’s “comeback song”.

“I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty

The torment that Tom Petty went through when a crazed person burned the singer’s house inspired him to write this track. The song’s message about resilience and empowerment made Petty attract fans who have also undergone some serious dilemma in their lives.

“Back In Black” AC/DC

Who else could forget this timeless AC/DC classic? No one. When the former lead singer Bon Scott died, he was then replaced by Brian Johnson who wrote this song to pay tribute to him. And instead of being mournful and morbid, the band opts to capture Scott’s energetic personality to incorporate with its commemorative lyrics.