5 Throwback Songs From Eddie Money

5 Throwback Songs From Eddie Money | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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At least some of Edward Joseph Mahoney’s family believed that he was going to be a law enforcement officer, just like his family members were. But, when concert promoter Bill Graham met him, he was impressed with his skills that he hooked him up with some of the finest record producers that he knew of. That’s when Eddie Money was born; creating a string of hit songs that defined his career as a musician. Below, we’ll give you 2 tickets to paradise, and revisit some of the finest classics from Eddie Money.

“Baby Hold On” – Eddie Money (1977)

One of Eddie’s greatest songs with a moving message, “Baby Hold On” transpires to be a song about the idea that anything can happen if you can dream big and hold on to that. While it’s associated with relationship bearings, sometimes, it can also be related to anything necessary in your life.

“Two Tickets To Paradise” – Eddie Money (1977)

This catchy tune made gave Money the chance to have an established music career. With “Two Tickets To Paradise,” he dreams of something that he couldn’t afford, and that struck a relatable nerve for most people.

“Shakin’” – No Control (1982)

When MTV was made, Money made sure to have a share of his own fun by making his own cut of music videos. With “Shakin,” it’s one of the pivotal videos of Money’s career.

“Wanna Be A Rock n’ Roll Star” – Eddie Money (1977)

Eddie Money’s surefire claims that he doesn’t want to be anyone but a rockstar manifested in this persisting rock song. Also, Jimmy Lyon’s heaving guitar solo for this is beyond control!


“Save A Little Room For Your Heart” – Eddie Money (1977)

While Money’s debut album has to thank “Two Tickets to Paradise” and “Baby Hold On” songs of his for its double-platinum status, Money also gave a heartfelt execution to his “Save A Little Room For Your Heart.” Its gracious and raw vocals give the amount of depth that Money obtains, somehow explaining that he’s more than just a pop rock and roller.