1977: .38 Special Opens Winterland With ‘Everybody Knows’ Performance

1977: .38 Special Opens Winterland With ‘Everybody Knows’ Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Classic Rock on MV / YouTube

.38 Special always has something to offer in their live performances. With their groovy rendition to “Everybody Knows,” you know you’d be getting a whole lot of fun!

Back in 1977 at the Winterland Ballroom stage located in San Fransisco, California, magic happens. Artists were given the chance to perform on this vast stage as they either promote their new materials or just playing their hearts out. Among the rock bands who were given the chance were .38 special, and they’ve given a lot of their performance of “Everybody Knows” featuring Donnie Van Zant on vocal and guitar duties, Jeff Carlisi for guitar, Don Barnes for guitar, Larry Junstrom for bass, Jack Grondin and Steve Brookins for drums.

They were the opening act for the night, so the audience was in full attention. Greeted with loud howls from the listeners, the band started the show in the full groove. Van Zant’s voice is in perfect timber and style, while the rest of the group is also on fire. It’s one of their greatest performances ever.

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