5 Recent Facts About Ozzy Osbourne

5 Recent Facts About Ozzy Osbourne | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ozzy Osbourne in an interview with ABC11 - ABC11 / Youtube

The rock music scene doesn’t run short of bizarre, outlandish, and even outright creepy stuff from its plethora of bands and artists. But at what lengths do you have to go to before warranting being called the Prince of Darkness? We’re talking about the Black Sabbath legend, Ozzy Osbourne and some recent facts you might’ve missed.

Nothing Short of Spectacular 

Well, it depends on your definition of spectacular. On one occasion, the heave metal icon was invited over to a meeting with CBS Europe’s CEO in 1981. The drug-addled Ozzy thought he was merely kissing the record executive on the lips, but an angry Sharon told him otherwise. Ozzy was said to have performed a Nazi goose-step up and down the table just moments before he dipped his balls in the executive’s wine and pissed on it.

Pee-rfect Tribute

While Ozzy’s peeing on the Alamo Memorial cenotaph isn’t exactly a secret from many, most people don’t know that the incident was actually immortalized with a wax statue. Artists Ruben Ortiz-Torres and Jim Mendiola were responsible for this commemoration, designing a statue that had motion-sensing capabilities, “peeing” on anybody that came too close for comfort and triggered the sensor.

Ya Can’t Break Me!

Ozzy’s substance abuse issues went through the roof when things were really bad, including his alcohol problems. At one time, Sharon tried to hide all of Ozzy’s clothes from their hotel room, thinking that the rocker wouldn’t dare go out without any clothes on. Ingenuity saved Ozzy’s day, however, as he just took one of Sharon’s dresses and proceeded to treat himself to a binge.

Bombs Away

Photographer and director Dean Karr found quite a sight to behold when he visited Ozzy’s English estate once. In an interview, he shared, “They have the biggest plot of land; it’s like five football fields of endless manicured grass with Greek statues all over. So Jack and I were cutting across the grass on the quad and I stopped him because there were little three-inch plastic wrappers everywhere. I asked Jack what was up and he said, ‘Oh hey, British Airways pulls the bilge over dad’s house once a week, and it just rains down these peanut wrappers.”

Better Late than Never

It took Ozzy some time to obtain his very own driver’s license, which was the ripe age of 60. “The first test was about 1974, then ’75, ’76, ’77, ’78. I’ve lost count how many times. I remember one time I was doing the three-point turn and I passed out because I’d been to the doctor’s earlier and got some Valium for my nerves. At the end they’d say ‘You’ve failed,’ and I’d be staggering around the car park. Some [examiners] would say, ‘I’m not even … getting in the car with you.’ Would you?” shared Ozzy.