5 Interesting Facts About ‘Life In The Fast Lane’ By Eagles

5 Interesting Facts About ‘Life In The Fast Lane’ By Eagles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Life In The Fast Lane – Eagles /YouTube

The third single from the Eagles’ Hotel California album perfectly embellished the reality of living the reckless, fast life of parties and one-time commitments. While it is not a prosperous way to live life (according to the group), the song is misinterpreted highly as a track that glamorized the living of such a ruckus lifestyle. Be that as it may, it remained one of the beloved songs from Eagles; and among are its interesting facts.



  1. After its release, “Life In The Fast Lane” became a term used to describe a ruckus, jet-set lifestyle. Since the Eagles emerged in Los Angeles, California, pretty much the living there directly inspires the song.
  2. Joe Walsh, a newly-recruited guitarist during the Hotel California sessions, was warming up his guitar when he accidentally produced the iconic riff for the song. When the band heard it, they let Walsh play the chords again to create a song out of this. Walsh also helped with the song’s composition.
  3. There was a rumor that the track was inspired by the relationship of Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, albeit Buckingham was never abusive to Nicks.
  4. There was a theme that surrounded the whole Hotel California Album. It talked about the stereotypical living inside the L.A. life, something that the band had discussed inside the hit single Hotel California.
  5. This was Joe Walsh’s first album for Eagles, after replacing the former guitarist Bernie Leadon. He also wrote “Pretty Maids All In A Row” for the album.