10 Interesting Facts About ‘Heart Of Glass’ By Blondie

10 Interesting Facts About ‘Heart Of Glass’ By Blondie | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Back in 1979, a new wave band named Blondie made the whole world dance to the disco-punk with their single from their third album Parallel Lines. As inventive and as catchy as the music was back in the day, it also remained one of the most beloved Blondie songs by many, so to speak. Below are the interesting facts that surrounded the band’s touch of disco, “Heart of Glass”.


  1. The song’s style was originally intended to be reggae, but producer Mike Chapman thought of disco with “a Donna Summer Vibe”. Debbie Harry liked the idea and so they incorporated it.
  2. Debbie Harry (lead vocalist) and Chris Stein (lead guitars), co-wrote the song shortly after they have met in 1974. They named it “the disco song” in the process.
  3. Blondie was among the small array of bands that made videos before MTV. Their MV for “Heart of Glass” became an instant hit due to Harry’s numerous close-ups.
  4. John Lennon allegedly wrote his former bandmate Ringo Starr a postcard that recommends him to write more songs just like “Heart of Glass”.
  5. Miley Cyrus sang her cover version of the song at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival. It impressed a lot of fans, with Cyrus’ version returning the single to UK charts.
  6. Blondie did not think that the song would go bigger than what they expected, charting in the no. 1 spot in both UK and the US charts.
  7. The band decided to integrate disco into their usual punk genre as a form of novelty, something that showed diversity inside Parallel Lines.
  8. The triumph of the song tossed Blondie’s career to mainstream success, along with their 3rd album.
  9. Blondie was not a disco band, but it turned out that it was disco that made them so popular to people.

1. The success of “Heart of Glass” caused a lot of friction for the group who felt that they were “outcasts” from the rock and disco fans. For many years, they would be in a constant dilemma since rock fans hate disco, and disco fans hate rock.