5 Great Beatles Songs That Should Have Been Singles

5 Great Beatles Songs That Should Have Been Singles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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It’s best to assume that there are few, underrated songs from The Beatles that deserve to be recognized for more than some of the band’s officially-released singles. With the success of the group still being felt even today, old and new fans have long been debating on which Beatle songs are deemed worthy to be included as the best, despite their underappreciated track listing in the albums. After scouring what the internet has to say, we’ve rounded up these 5 Beatles songs that should’ve been singles. Let’s take a look.


“I’ve Just Seen a Face” Help! (1965)

Written by Paul McCartney, “I’ve Just Seen a Face” has lyrics that describe the feeling of love at first sight while communicating an adrenaline rush that makes the vocalist both enthusiastic and unable to speak. It’s one of the band’s underrated catchy songs, worthy to be single.

“All My Loving” – With the Beatles (1963)

Despite not being officially released in the UK or the US as a single, “All My Loving” received a lot of radio attention. It even gained superstar status when The Beatles performed it as an opening to their iconic Ed Sullivan Show appearance.

“Baby’s In Black” – Beatles for Sale (1964)

The song was the first one to be recorded for the band’s Beatles for Sale album and was rumored to be about Astrid Kirchherr, whom the band befriended when Stuart Sutcliffe became her boyfriend. It’s among the few songs which displayed incredible harmonies of both John Lennon and Paul McCartney, with a performance from The Hollywood Bowl could easily be a live single.

“Taxman” – Revolver (1966)

“Taxman” could’ve been George Harrison’s first A-side single, written by George out of protest from Harold Wilson’s Labor government when the Beatles had to pay more than 90% of their earnings to the British Treasury.

“Here Comes the Sun” – Abbey Road (1969)

It’s a disgrace that The Beatles didn’t even consider this magnum opus as a single for Abbey Road. Given that Harrison had to fight for a spot in the albums, it’s the least they could do for Harrison’s talents. No wonder the shy Beatle has had enough out of them.