5 Famous Musicians Who Gave Up Music

5 Famous Musicians Who Gave Up Music | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Lean On Me (Live in Chicago 1973)- Bill Withers/ YouTube

While some of us wanted to live a hedonistic lifestyle being a rock star, seeing it as the “definitive life” that one might be interested in, to others, it is not always the case. You might feel the need to explore the places where the wind blows you, but eventually, it will all be wearisome to the extent of what you can provide. Because at the end of the day, performing to thousands of people and earning millions doesn’t automatically tag as a full life for everyone.


Bill Withers

Bill Withers spurned classic hits that are still popular even in today’s music scene. He was all ready to become a star on the rise, but the politics inside the industry disgusted him and soon he left for good. His share of royalties was enough for him to live a wonderful life with no regrets.

Jeffrey “Skunk” Baxter

Skunk moved to Los Angeles in the 70s, where he got lucky to be one of the founding members of Steely Dan. Ultimately, he left the group after 3 albums and joined The Doobie Brothers. He left the latter in 1979. For years, he developed a passion for technology and became a part of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency.

Jim Martin

Jim Martin became a member of Faith No More until he was fired after 10 years of being a member. He decided to linger in the industry for a while until he stopped and decided to be an award-winning pumpkin farmer.

Cindy Birdsong

Cindy Birdsong spent almost a decade inside the hit female group The Supremes, although she wasn’t considered as an original member. Nevertheless, her involvement in the music industry wasn’t her first choice, and when she became a mother, she didn’t hesitate to hide behind the limelight to provide care and guidance for his son. She also became a nurse afterward.

Bill Berry

Bill Berry, R.E.M’s former drummer, decided to take a break after he suffered from aneurysm. He came back eventually after he recovered, but didn’t feel like he belonged once more. With a change of heart, he left the group permanently and became a farmer. He never for once regretted this decision of his life.